When I first starting blogging, the beauty review blog scene was in its prime. If I wanted to find out which should be my next foundation purchase, I looked to my favourite bloggers to guide me in my decision making and help me pick the right one.

I believed their every word, and if that foundation made their skin dry I’d take a swerve, but if they fell in love, I was handing over my money to Boots faster than you can say “HERE TAKE IT ALL.”

As time has gone on, I’ve found myself using less and less beauty reviews to make my purchases, turning instead to YouTube videos where I can see how the product performs first hand.

In a world of Facetune and fakery, (albeit this just be the fault of a few) I found it difficult to see how products really performed in images and so opted for video content instead.

I myself have also seen a shift in my page view figures from when I first started, which could be down to me not being able to compete in a sea of review posts, or it could be that just recently we’ve seen a shift in people’s reading habits.

Towards the tail end of this year I’ve found myself writing more about my life. My hopes, my struggles, my dreams.

It’s human nature that we latch onto things we can relate to, hold onto and feel to our core, so is it any wonder that as it feels like the world is crumbling around us, we might forgo reading a post about the latest red lipstick and head instead to a post from a friend or someone we can relate to on a more emotional side?

That’s not to say I don’t still hold a lot of love for the humble lipstick review, or that they hold a lack of importance. For many they offer advice and an escape from the dramas of everyday life. If they were to disappear completely, on those dreary days when life has got me down, where else will I turn to see 10 swatches of a lipstick before heading out to the shop?

Personally I feel like the blogging world is shifting. As well as wanting to know where that gorgeous girl got the red lipstick, we also want a peek into how she feels, what her goals are and what makes her tick. Blogging has grown up around us and we’re all growing up too.

The humble beauty review will always have a place in blogging. I feel with the rise of YouTube and those that are always one step ahead of the game, that in 2018 we will see the rise of reviews in a different format and I for one, couldn’t be more excited.

Until Next Time

B x