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Over the years in blogging, I’ve adapted my photography style each year to suit the content I’m creating. Over those years I’ve frequently received questions about what I use for back drops and how I take my own photos. My main answer to this is always with a little bit of imagination. Whether that be pinning old clothes to curtains for a backdrop or lying in the shower and using my foot to set the self timer, most of my shots take a good stater DSLR camera, a little bit of trial and some willingness to experiment.

Experiment with nature

Make use of what nature gave you and frame shots with blurred leaves and flowers. Explore your surroundings and think of creative ways to make your shots a little bit different. Why not check out the Lumix G Compact Mirrorless 12-60mm Lens Camera which is great for nature lovers looking to get the perfect shot.

Try different back drops 

Back drops don’t have to be expensive. Its often all about looking at what you already have around you. My current back drop consists of foil cellophane that came with a PR package that I pin to my curtains with two needles at either end.


Get creative with lighting

Whilst bright white images are undoubtedly beautiful, this year I’ve been experimenting with colour and light. Whilst you can buy specific filters, I tend to use coloured cellophane draped over my soft box light to give my images a coloured glow.

Head for Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the greatest assets when it comes to learning all about your new camera and in turn getting stuck into it creatively. It offers loads of simple ideas, how to’s and easy to use technical guides to help you get to grips with your camera and think a little outside of the box.

Wrap things around your lens

My favourite trick at the moment is wrapping iridescent cellophane around my lens. It creates such a beautiful soft focus around the edge of the image and really makes the subject pop.

Take advantage of reflections

There’s nothing worse than finding a perfect spot for a photograph and realising its right by a window or that it gives an awful reflection. Why not use this to your advantage and create an image that really pops. This is also a great time to mention that your shower door offers a great resource for water droplet imagery, so get in there and experiment away.

Check out other photographers

If all else fails and you’re still not sure where to start, follow the incredibly talented Kaye Ford from Fordtography. She has a fantastic twitter hashtag called KayesPortraitTips which offers tips on working with your subject, making the most of lighting and so much more.

Whats your favourite way to experiment with your blog photography?

Until Next Time

B x

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