As someone who’s always eager to be an early adopter of the “next big social platform,” the news of a new app in town has always peaked my interest. As bloggers, we know all to well about the emails that drop in our inbox asking us to join the “next new best platform” for social influencers and creators alike, only to head over to the app and find a handful of people that have joined and be fairly disappointed with the interface. Vero’s relaunch appears to have broken the mould, because in the past 24 hours my social feeds have been full of people looking to get in on the action.
Vero offers an alternative to the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as it promises to break down barriers previously experienced with algorithms and ads across the other platforms.
It’s offering creators a freedom against the struggles they may have had in recent months across other channels and allows users to get to the content they really want to see and share, without battling against ads that may interrupt their user experience.
With its subscription based model Vero promises a “true” social platform that isn’t curated, manipulated or influenced by ‘holding back posts.’ So what’s been shared, is what you see. Something those who have been fighting for the instagram algorithm to go back to chronological order for the past few months will be pleased to note.
The app also offers more control over who sees your post, offering its users the option to customise its audience, whilst giving viewers the option to filter the content they see, which feels like a push against the perfect curated worlds we’ve seen on social as of late.
The platform also means that you can share more content, with its interface allowing you to share music, movies, books, places, photos and links, all in one slick and clean feed.
With all of this in mind, my first impressions are that the feed is clear and engaging, promising a way to break from the mundane, which will be music to creators ears. The area where I feel Vero will come into its own is video and the variation of content available all in one place.

The downsides? I feel the audience connection could be confusing to begin with, but this could just be new user cold feet. The subscription model may take some persuading to begin with, but the ad free feeds may offer the perfect allure. Finally, the app still has a few bugs. Users have been complaining that they can’t get past the verification page, or that they can’t upload content, which may frustrate impatient users and put them off the app altogether.The cynics are questioning why the buzz now? After all this isn’t Vero’s first outing as it was released years ago. I personally feel the answer is simple. Social users are becoming increasingly disheartened with the likes of the Instagram algorithm and business focused social apps and so the gap in the market becomes clear. Influencers engagement with the app offers real promise to make it the new place to be, but in reality only time will tell. I’m excited to see if the Vero app takes off, or if it will become something that sits in my app feed collecting virtual dust.


If you want to give Vero a try, be quick, as they are offering subscription free usage for its first million users for life.
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