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– 10 minute read –

With summer drawing to a close, it’s time to start dreaming of those autumn breaks and escapes to the sun. From cozy weekend breaks in the countryside, to sunnier shores, the possibilities for the perfect autumn break are endless. 

When it comes to packing beauty products, a fragrance that suits every possible holiday occasion is firmly on my list and with their beautiful travel fragrances Ted Baker has you covered. 

Country Retreat

The grown up, girly addition to any trip, Polly trails girlish charm and broken hearts in her wake. Perfect for running through fields on careless adventures, Polly’s top notes of fabulously fruity mandarin, red berries and peach, alongside a heart of white jasmine, honey suckle and peony.

The quintessential girl-next-door fragrance is finished with a dreamy twist of amber and vanilla. A fragrance for the hopeless romantic, Polly is the perfect pairing for days spent laid out in the paddock watching the clouds go by.

City Sidewalks

Sassy, stylish and sophisticated, Mia lights up a city break effortlessly. The soft floral fragrance featuring rose blooms and freesias teams with an irresistible warmth, charm and allure. 

Wherever your city travels take you, Mia is not a scent that you can easily forget. Top notes of lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant sit alongside a seductive base of patchouli and golden amber, oozing ladylike glamour whatever the occasion.

Hotel Hideaways

For those looking to hide away from the rain in cosier surroundings Ella’s strikingly confident scent is perfect for the boudoir. One spritz can leave you mesmerised on the scents intoxicating cocktail of bergamot and cassis. 

Featuring a heart of orange, blossom and rose, Ella leaves a trail of sparkle wherever she travels. The enticing blend is finished with rich notes of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla, creating a beautifully warm feminine scent, perfect for cozy mornings rolling around in bed.

For the men in your life 

The travel adventures aren’t just saved for the ladies, with Ted’s new travel Tonics. Designed to compliment a busy, jet-set lifestyle, each unique scent is housed in a slim line, portable and refillable metal casing for gents who are always on the go. Fusing style with substance, each Travel Tonic is hand brushed and polished, available in AG (silver), AU (gold) and my personal favourite CU (Copper.)

All fragrances featured are now available at feelunique.com

Until next time, 
B x 

*All items featured in this post were provided for the purpose of review*

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