As everyone knows, all good things must eventually come to an end.

I’ve been thinking heavily for the past few months about where I see What She Did going and where my priorities in life lie.

I started What She Did during a very lonely time of my life, when I’d moved to a new home for a job and didn’t have many contacts, or much to do in the way of hobbies.

It soon became a love affair with makeup and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try things I’d never thought I would do.

I used it as an excuse to visit new places and make new friends and I have been oh so lucky to make so many of the latter that I still cherish dearly, 5 years on.

I want to thank all of the friendly people who have crossed my path over those years. To the brands who supported my hobby and made me feel like some of the art I had worked on truly mattered and to all of those who shared my passion so kindly.

The past few years of blogging just haven’t been the same. With pressure to stay perfect, keep things to an editorial standard and always be on trend it’s often left me questioning myself. If I have an outfit I want to take a picture of in front of a curtain, I want to be able to share it without questioning if I should’ve hired a full photographer and makeup team to help me fit in. At this moment in time I’ve grown tired and have fallen out of love with it all.

I’ll still be posting makeup photos on Instagram and taking on challenges but as more of a personal account for a hobby and for enjoyment, as this all started, instead of feeling pressured in the ways that I have. It’s time to be truly myself again.

Thanks to everyone who passed through What She Did over these years.

This might not be goodbye forever, but for now…

Maybe next time…

B x