DetoxifEYE by Pixi Beauty

– 3 minute read –

This one is for all of those with tired eyes. Maybe you partied too long at the weekend, or the baby only allowed you a few hours of sleep this week? Pixi Beauty has you covered with their DetoxifEYE hydrogel eye patches.

Recently these landed on my doorstep as a gift from Pixi and as someone who is consistently teetering on the edge of looking like a human version of the Hush Puppies dog, I couldn’t wait to give them a try.

The hydrating hydrogel patches contain Hyaluronic acid and caffeine to smooth and depuff the eye area, which helps to aid the reduction of dark circles. 

These patches have been a morning and special occasion saviour, helping me to hide those nights that were a little too late and even relieving some headaches caused by tired eyes.

How to use the eye patches

pixi detoxifEYE hydrogel eye patches
  1. Under the lid, each pot contains a spatula. Use this to gently lift and separate two eye patches
  2. Apply a patch under clean eyes with the thickest part at the outer corner
  3. Pick your favourite song and dance for ten minutes whilst the eye patches do the hard work
  4. Discard the eye patches and gently pat the remaining serum into the skin
  5. Use the patches chilled for those extra late nights

Fancy giving your eyes a treat? Find the Pixi Beauty DetoxifEYE patches here

Eyeliner for beginners

– 10 minute tutorial –

Ahhh liquid eyeliner, the cruel mistress of the makeup world. One minute you are creating a masterpiece and the next you look like a cross between a panda and the face you make after a few hours of ugly crying.

Then there are those of us who tried to avoid the clutches of the winged euphoria in the first place, but somehow found ourselves pulled into its embrace, only to find ourselves armed with the latest must have liner and no idea at all.

Well today it’s time to dust off that liner and get ready to try all over again as I teach you an easy liquid feline flick in a few easy steps.

Taking a sharpened grey pencil eyeliner, begin to draw the outline of the style of eyeliner flick you want to create. You can be rough here, any errors can be cleaned up with a little concealer or with a blot of a makeup wipe. If you’d like your eyeliner flick to come from the centre of the eye, you can skip to the next final few steps.

If you love a thicker eyeliner flick, here you’re going to continue the grey eyeliner, working in two parts, so you create sections like above. If you make any mistakes, don’t panic as you can go over these with concealer as I have to show you above. We’re going to be colouring in these lines next.

Now you’re going to take your liquid eyeliner and lightly trace within the ‘colouring lines’ you have just created, paying careful attention not to go outside of the area you have drawn.

Now you’re going to go back over your eye line with your liquid eyeliner for a deep finish. To end the tutorial I added a dash of mascara and tada! 

You’ve just nailed liquid eyeliner for beginners!