I heart revolution donut eyeshadow palette

I Heart Revolution Donut Eyeshadow Palettes

Today I’m going to talk to you about donuts, but these aren’t just any donuts, these are donuts with eyeshadow inside them. Yep, you’ve guessed it, I Heart Revolution are back with another fun take on eyeshadow palettes. This time in the form of one of my favourite sweet treats.

The squishy delicious I Heart Revolution Donut palettes come in five different ‘flavours’ each with five highly pigmented shades. You can take your pick from Chocolate Dipped, Strawberry Sprinkles, Raspberry Icing, Blueberry Crush and Maple Glazed. 

Read on as I take you through the collection full of swatches and inspiration.

I Heart Revolution Donut Palettes

The Maple Glazed eyeshadow palette offers up a tempting mix of brown and gold shades. The tasty sweet scent offers a scrumptious pick me up, whilst the muted shades of the shadows offer the perfect dusty look for an everyday eye.

The chocolate eyeshadow palette offers five stunning gold and brown shades. Apply the shimmering nudes over the lids and line your eyes with the deep browns for the perfect way to make your eyes pop.

The brightest of the pack, the Blueberry Crush palette tops it as my favourite from the collection. The bright hues offer the perfect summer pop and I can’t get enough of these vibrant blues, which I used it to create this eyeliner look below:

Beyond the blues, we step into the pinks and reds with the Strawberry Sprinkles palette. The fiery intensely pigmented shades are paired beautifully with soft peach and punchy coral to create a gorgeous spring eyeshadow look.

The collection ends with Raspberry Icing. The sweetest of all the palettes, with five scrumptious shades of pink and red. The stunning powdery pinks pair perfectly to complete the look.

Overall the collection stands out in a sea of nudes and golds, with its fun sugar-coated and squishy exterior adding a little fun to your day. The scented packaging is another mood enhancer, producing a smile every time the sweet scents hit.

For only £5 per palette, I feel the I heart Revolution Donut collection offers great pocket money purchase potential. These are a fab budget buy for those looking to have some fun.

If you’d like to try them for yourself you can find the full collection online here . You can also check them out in your local Superdrug store.