Do you need a beauty fridge?

Ever since I laid my eyes on the beauty fridge I was left with multiple questions. What is it for? Should I get one? What could I put inside?

It seems that I wasn’t alone in my questioning, as when Michelle Lee, Allure editor-in-chief shared a photo of her beauty fridge on Instagram, stocked elegantly with skincare junkie favourite Drunk Elephant, it took Twitter by storm. So do you need a beauty fridge? Let’s find out…

What is a beauty fridge?

If you were a child of the 90s, you’ll remember the days of the mini fridge well. Mine hid secret snacks and cans from my siblings and the constant whirring noise at night eventually led me to say a fond farewell to the buzzing beast.

So what gives with the beauty fridge? Well you can say goodbye to your late night snacks and drinking habits, as this little beauty is all about chilled, soothing skincare.

Do you need a beauty fridge?

Well, the short answer here is no. Most skincare products can live happily ever after stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and warm steam in your bathroom.

That’s not to say that some products won’t feel amazing on your skin when chilled. The sensation of a cooling eye patch on puffy eyes after a long night is undeniable, as is the feeling of a cold sheet mask used to boost circulation and offer super depuffing skills.

How do you know what to put in a beauty fridge?

We can all probably swap tales about our grandma storing nail varnish in the fridge in a bid to make it last longer, but when building your beauty fridge stock, what products should you look for?

Personally, i’d opt for sheet masks, face mists, serums and skin rollers, which all feel incredible as they touch the skin when cooled.

As the summer days hit, id also use mine to store a pot of aftersun for those days you may have forgotten to use that ever so important sunscreen.

And what shouldn’t you store in there?

Makeup. The cold often makes makeup products harder to use, as they’re less likely to blend. I’d also avoid adding oils, as they can separate in the cold. Not ideal.

Where can I find a beauty fridge?

You can actually buy specialist fridges for this purpose, with The Makeup Fridge being one of the first on the market. The answer to all your beauty fridge needs, The Makeup Fridge offers options in pink, blue and white.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, i’d recommend your local Argos. If you decide the skincare fridge isn’t for you, you can return to the hay day and hide your favourite snacks in there. Longer Netflix marathons, here you come.