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Style Culottes Three Ways

If you follow my antics on the blog and over on social media, you’ll know that in January I vowed to have one of the biggest clothes clear outs I’ve ever had. I did in fact clear out 7 bin bags worth of clothes which found their way to my nearest charity shop, where I now play “spot my old clothes in the window” every morning. The idea behind my wardrobe clear out was to start building my own perfect capsule wardrobe. I’ve made a few rules for myself whilst shopping, so that I don’t fall into old habits, the main of which is: if the item doesn’t go with three things you already own, it goes back on the hanger (unless of course you have a hot date and the dress makes you feel incredible, obviously.)

With this in mind, I thought today I’d look further into my rule of three and show you how I’m styling my newest Primark purchase, which I picked up for a steal at £13.

Culottes, my dear friend, should be a staple in everyones wardrobe. As someone who is “vertically challenged,” when culottes first became a thing, I winced at the thought of them cutting my leg length in half, but now I’m here to tell you all those thoughts were oh so wrong. I don’t know what it is about the humble culotte, but it has the ability to pull outfits out of nowhere, to make you look put together instantly and somehow make you look like you have a little bit of style know how and so I give you, the adored culotte, three ways.

Comfy Casual


Although spring is fast approaching, theres still a chill in the air and so until the hot sun is almost at t-shirt weather, I’ll be styling up bright chunky knits like this one by tucking it into the culotte for that perfect laid back, I just threw this on look.
Spring Days
For those of you partial to cheeky slogan t-shirt, culottes offer the perfect pairing for an easy to go to casual outfit. I’ll be pairing mine with my maroon Converse and my favourite sunnies to dress down the look.
Girls Night
For an alternative to the “jeans and a nice top” routine, why not pair your culottes with a cute top and some heels for girls night next weekend. The coolest way to look effortless, culottes are sure to get a few brownie points for a little style know how and leave you in ultimate comfort so you can dance the night away.
Whats your go to fashion item to make you feel put together?
Until Next Time
B x