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Instagram & Waste



Buying the new must have foundation just for a first thoughts video. Making a stack of pancakes on a Sunday morning just for the perfect lazing in bed Instagram shot. Buying “that” dress because it will match your Instagram theme. As bloggers, are we becoming too wasteful and is it time to reevaluate what we actually need over the image we want to present for the ‘gram?’ 

Scrolling through Instagram these days, you would be forgiven for thinking that all bloggers do is eat and whilst there is nothing wrong with all of the eating, I often wonder where it all went wrong when I see perfectly laid out food in restaurants going cold as a blogger hovers over it to get the perfect shot, only for it to be laid to waste when it isn’t of use anymore. The thought that someone has spent time crafting a meal for someone to eat, only for a snap to be taken and it to be resigned to the nearest bin. I often wonder if these people have paid money to get the perfect Instagram worthy shot and how annoyed the restaurants get. As someone who has discussed this with a friend of mine in the restaurant industry, I can tell you now, they just don’t get it.

That’s not to say I have anything against people posing with their food. By all means show me the best place to grab cheesy fries, or the best must have Mac n Cheese in your city, but please just eat it.
In a world where families are struggling and turning to food-banks to feed their hungry children and thousands of people are bunking town on cold streets, it seems rather arrogant to let food go to waste.
The same can be said for us beauty bloggers. I myself have been found in a frenzied Haul in Primark buying items I probably don’t need for the sake of a “first thoughts” video to stay up to date with the latest trends.

It’s got me wondering where does it end and where did it ever begin?

When did blogging become a race to be the first, the race to have the best imagery and when did it transform from the simple days of snapping your latest purchases on top of a Boots plastic bag (just so everyone could be sure where your new purchases were from.)

I might sound like I’m having a grumble and to be fair, I very rarely do, but in a time when many face austerity, is it not time as bloggers we look to cut back and make a positive impact by also giving back.

Some of my favourite bloggers make a point of giving their unused items to charity and projects like the beauty collectives have been started to combat waste and help those in need.

Maybe it’s time that when we go to pick up that bright blue eyeliner, or waste that stack of pancakes, we ask ourselves do you really need it, or is it just for the ‘gram?’

Until Next Time
B x

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Is Exposure valuable?



Ah instagram, the app we all love to hate. Ever since the change of the algorithm back in 2016 everyone has been feeling the pinch in some way. With Instagram prioritising popular posts, it was only a matter of time before people felt frustration and started to turn away from the app.
Exposure in the blogging community is often thought of as a dirty word. After all landlords won’t accept exposure to pay your rent, nor can you pay for that latte with a tonne of exposure that big brand just offered you.

With Instagram being so difficult to grow recently, it’s got me thinking; has exposure just got a whole lot more valuable?

When I’m talking exposure, I’m not talking just about brands. Recently the beaut that is Bethany Sandland got a well deserved, heartfelt shout out from Lydia Elise Millen which saw her following boom over night. Something which has since been caught on to by a host of mega and macro bloggers, keen to spread the love and offer a shout out to those other bloggers who may need a little boost.

Whilst I’m not suggesting you should sell your soul for a shout-out on the most insta worthy makeup brands page or cozy up to your favourite blogger just on the off chance they may offer you a nod, just recently it’s got me thinking about all of the times my own engagements and followings have spiked.
I can pinpoint every moment I gained a shout-out from a respectable brand, as my followers and engagement grew.

In a world where exposure is thought of as a bad thing, is it time re assess its value and see the positives it can offer in the long run?

I myself have offered my work on the premise of exposure, which made my followers grow and lead to more work in the long run, which goes to show that sometimes there is more value in it than it may first seem.

Whilst I’m not suggesting anyone should ever bend over backwards for the promise of the big E, personally I think it’s time we re evaluate the value of exposure and realise it’s not such a bad word after all.

Until Next Time
B x