Kissable Lips with Carmex

With Valentines just around the corner, whether you’re planning to give your love a smooch or plant a kiss on the cheek of one on your besties, perfectly kissable lips may be on your mind.

For as long as I can remember I’ve carried carmex in my handbag as the perfect solution to smooth lips. With lots of varieties available here’s my top picks to make sure you’re ready for your love this V-Day

Carmex Original Lip Balm Tube

The handbag essential, these classic tubes of Carmex will leave your lips moisturised and super soft all day long without breaking the bank.

Carmex Moisture Plus

For beautiful soft lips with a little hint of colour Carmex Moisture Plus is the perfect solution for lips with a little kick. In three assorted colours this little beauty is a must have handbag saviour.

Carmex Mint Lip Tube

Soothe your lips whilst making them plump with this mint lip balm. Offering a tingle to give your lips a little boost, this one minute wonder is a must have for those days when your lips need a little extra TLC.

What’s your favourite lip product?

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B x


Primark Beauty Range

When I think of Primark, I automatically think of staple wardrobe pieces, T shirts, Vests, that kind of thing, but very rarely do I think of their beauty collection.

Recently I came across their beauty stand and couldn’t help but feel intrigued by their budget beauty picks.

I opted for a contour kit, a Concealer, a lipstick and mascara all from the PS collection and I was pleasantly surprised.

Nothing in my Haul cost more than £3 each to buy and that includes the contouring pack which is three for £3. It offers an easy solution to those who wish to contour without a lot of know how. The pencil shape makes it easy to get the perfect shape and lends itself to my easy one two three contouring technique.

The lipstick offers a great colour for £1. I opted for this deep red, which was perfect for the winter months.

The mascara offers fluttery lashes and is perfect for everyday wear.

All in all this little haul cost me £6 which is perfect for the pocket money budget. Whilst the makeup products aren’t the best I’ve ever used, for the price I was definitely impressed and for pocket money products or the odd stock up of essentials, these are great value for money and I’ll definitely be topping up with more in the future.

Have you tried Primark’s beauty range?

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B x


My Current Obsession – Lip Art

Recently I just can’t get enough of lip art. I used to be absolutely useless as it, it was too fiddly, meant you couldn’t eat or drink for ages and sometimes could take hours, but just recently it has become something of a new obsession.

The idea of taking teeny tiny brushes and painting on to a teeny tiny canvas suddenly has me hooked. My love affair started with lip artists Vladamua and GirlGreyBeauty, who if you don’t follow on Instagram I implore you to head over and follow right away.

In recent weeks I’ve spent hours looking at art, patterns, photography and nature looking for inspiration and I’ve found myself hours deep into creative lip art.

I’ve also found a new love in trying to create art. Each piece I take photos of now I try to think of as a whole composition and I try to imagine the lip art sitting on a wall.

This 2017 I’m enjoying creating pieces more than ever and I can’t wait to see what my little brain falls in love with next.

What’s your favourite 2017 makeup trend?